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Financial Independence / Retire Early

The F.I.R.E movement is a lifestyle, this is not for everyone. The goal of this movement is to obtain financial independence early "work smarter, not harder".  


This does not necessary mean 'retiring', but to have the freedom to spend their time doing work and activities that you enjoy without being held to a rigid schedule.  We compare this to yin/yang, if you work harder in the beginning, it's easier later.  This is a philosophy we believe in. We also believe this will have an impact on investing in the future. 


If you are seeking to be a part of this movement, then you should be planning on maximizing your saving rate.  The objective is to accumulate assets to result in enough passive income to provide for living expenses for the long-term.  We can help you find ways to cut excess spending and assist in creating a plan for the long-term.

We understand and believe this movement is possible, with a disciplined approach. We work with you in deciding what to invest in. When we choose what you invest in, your funds don’t have to include investments in fossil fuel producers, tobacco manufacturers or handgun manufacturers. The investments you make have an impact, so if enough people decide to invest with a purpose, we have a shot at transforming the capital market.

We know that it might be hard to talk to your financial advisor about the integrity of your investments.  The traditional financial advisor ecosystem isn't geared for value-based goal setting.  

But what if you decided to seize the power you already hold in your savings accounts, retirement accounts, and investment portfolios and use it to make the world better by supporting companies that promote diversity in management, set rigorous sustainability benchmarks, or create products that have positive global impact?  

If you are seeking out this lifestyle, would like to develop a plan to retire early and have an impact with your investing.


We are here to help. Click here to schedule a time to talk.

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