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Riverstone does not require that clients meet a minimum-size requirement to work with us.  We provide all of our customers with access to important services to help them steadily move toward financial success.  We work hard at bridging the gap between technology and finance.  

We offer our clients the tools and technology needed to remain engaged with your investment finances and stay on top of your investment portfolio. Our platform is fully accessible from anywhere, giving you self-service access to important information like research, your financial plan, electronic documents like statements and up-to-date performance on your investments.

Award-winning Technology






Pershing’s technology powers many of the world’s leading financial companies. Pershing's NetXInvestor® portal and app gives you a direct window into your financial world—with 24/7 access to accounts, financial information and market data.  

About Pershing and BNY Mellon

Founded in 1939, Pershing has 80 years of Wall Street experience. Our name is taken from our founder, Warren “Jack” Pershing, the only son of celebrated World War I General of the Armies, General John J. Pershing. Our parent company, BNY Mellon, a leading provider of investment management and investment services, was founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1784.

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Pershing's NetXInvestor platform combines an elegant, online investment solution for your clients with exceptional flexibility and customization options for your firm. With NetXInvestor, you can keep connected to the markets. It offers anytime, anywhere access to consolidated account information, online documents, portfolio management solutions, and trading—plus market research, quotes and news from leading providers.

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