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Planning for Life's Milestones

As you progress through life, you will reach certain personal and professional milestones.  These present new financial challenges and opportunities. Our goal at Riverstone Asset Management is to assist you in reaching, potentially exceeding, these financial goals by providing you with individual advice for your todays, tomorrows and for the years ahead. Everyone has to start somewhere, where are you starting today?


Bride and Groom on Beach

You've decided to begin a new life with your spouse.  You spent months/years planning for this day.  How much time have you spent planning for the rest of your life?


It is important to sit down with each other first and discuss both your short and long term goals.  Once you both have an understanding and agree on your goals, we can assist you in creating a plan to help achieve these.  


At Riverstone Asset Management, we encourage a discussion on 

creating an emergency fund to cover living expenses, your retirement planning, whether this is with your employer plan, an IRA/Roth IRA or some other investment account. 

This is the time to also figure out if you should begin life insurance and/or disability insurance coverage. Click here to book an appointment

First Home/Moving

If you have been with us from the beginning or just deciding now if we are right for you. At Riverstone, whether you have a goal of buying that first home, buying a vacation home, buying investment property or moving to a new home we can help you achieve these.


We will work with you to achieve the goal of home ownership. We will add this goal to your plan and help you stay the course in working your financial plan.

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Buying a House


Looking Out of a Skyscaper

Whether you are contemplating starting your own business, just beginning your career, or changing your career path, these are all exciting and scary decisions at the same time.  These opportunities also come with some financial decisions.  A higher income level can allow for the ability to begin investing or increase your investment plan.

Whether this involves increasing your employer's plan or starting an investment account on your own.  We can assist you in evaluating your options and in understanding what is possible to help you develop a disciplined approach to investing.

We are able to assist with Business Plans such as SEP's, Simple IRA's, Individual 401(k)s to Full-Featured Plans such as 401(k), Profit Sharing Plans, Defined Contribution Plans.

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Growing Family

Thinking about starting a family or expanding your family? The birth or adoption of a child is an exciting decision.  This decision brings new and overwhelming responsibilities.   Riverstone Asset Management can assist in reviewing your employer benefits, as well as help plan for your family growing financial needs.


This is the time to review your life and disability insurance coverage, consider taking advantage of a 529 college saving plan or a Coverdell education saving plan, review your estate planning documents to make sure that your child(ren) are provided for should the unthinkable happen.

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Family Maternity


College Campus

The best paid plans are the ones that we have been disciplined in working.  In the "big picture" aspect, we have a short window of time to build up a college savings plan for the kiddo's.  

One excuse that I have heard over the years, what if the kids decide to not go to school?  That's fine, there are options.  Isn't better to be prepared and have options than not?

You will be surprised as to how small of a dollar amount is needed to start. Plus if you continue to add a small amount every month, this can build up to something sizable by the time it is needed for school. 

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Couple on the Beach

This is almost everyone's ultimate goal, to be able to retire comfortable.  The key to meeting these goals is to start saving early and to save on a regular basis.  There are many options that we can utilize to help you start planning for this phase of your life. There are also many investment options, including tax-fee, tax-deferred and taxable accounts.  


As your advisor, we can help you plan for the future and determine if you are on track to meet your goals. If you already are starting to planning for retirement, we would suggest a review of your employer plans, as well as your personal accounts. This way we can make sure that your current strategy is working towards your goal of retirement.

If you haven't started planning yet, no worries! We can help!  There are many options to start investing in your future.  So, whether you are a twenty-something or a forty-something, it is never too late to start.


As you approach this phase of life, you should begin to revisit your plan.  About 5-7 years before your retirement date, we would like to discuss your spending needs versus your spending wants.

This is time that we should review your accounts with beneficiaries, review your will/trusts, review your insurance needs and the beneficiaries listed on the policies.  This is also the perfect time to review your financial plan.  Your risk tolerance is different at this point in your life, your income will be different, and you goals are different.  

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